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  1. Michael Erickson, Principal, EDAW

    As an international firm of landscape architects and designers we have been involved with many ‘high-end’ resort and leisure projects and appreciate the importance of quality settings and facilities. For our annual staff retreat we wanted a beach-house that offered old fashioned values of being informal, close to the water and with the ability to get ‘sand between your toes’. However, we also wanted somewhere that was comfortable, stylish and something special. The beach-house at Currigge provided all of this as well as the chance to work together on our corporate goals of good food, good wine, fishing, surfing and generally relaxing. We diversified the weekend through a lunch visit to Couran Cove and a self-directed tour of the Island from the broadwater through to the surf. I highly recommend the beach house as a creative and very different solution for a group to get together for a few days and unwind.

  2. Andrew and Suzy Stewart, London, UK.

    We’ve visited Currigee many times and have enjoyed every minute. As visitors from the crowded northern hemisphere, it is very special for us to be on a secluded island that is so near, yet so far, from civilisation.
    The front beach is magnificent, and the Broadwater splendid – a great place to while away the holiday hours. As for La Boite, you could not find a more splendid holiday home. We highly reccomend this brilliant holiday experience.

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